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    The RCCC Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) should safeguard the rights, safety and well-being of all trial participants. As cancer patients are often vulnerable and concerned, special attention should be paid to the trials that include these participants. The RCCC HREC is responsible for providing public assurance of that assurance, by reviewing and approving/providing opinion on, the trial protocols, the suitability of the investigators, facilities, and the methods and material to be used in obtaining and documenting informed consent of the trial participants.

    An essential condition of ethical acceptability of a trial is the determination that the scientific quality of a proposal and the skill and experience of the researchers is such that the objectives of the proposal can reasonably be expected to be achieved. The RCCC HREC expects annual trial reports for each trial until closure. It also expects to be notified of academic journal publications related to results.

    The HREC functions on behalf of the Riverina Cancer Care Centre are to:
    • Provide independent oversight of human clinical trials and research projects;
    • Provide competent, timely review and monitoring of human clinical trials and research projects in respect of their ethical and scientific acceptability for as long as projects are active;
    • Determine the compliance of a human clinical trials and research project with the National Statement and grant, withhold or withdraw ethical approval; and
    • Provide advice to the Riverina Cancer Care Centre on strategies to
      promote awareness of the ethical conduct of human research.

    The composition of the HREC is in accordance with the National Statement. Minimum membership comprises eight members. As far as possible, men and women are represented in equal numbers and at least one third of the members are external to the institution for which the HREC is reviewing research. The membership comprises representatives from the following categories:

    • A Chairperson with suitable experience whose other responsibilities will not impair the HREC capacity to carry out its obligations under the National Statement;
    • At least two members who are lay people, one man and one woman, with no affiliation with the institution or organisation and not currently involved in medical, scientific, legal or academic work;
    • At least one member with knowledge of, and current experience in, the professional care, counselling or treatment of people;
    • At least one member who performs a pastoral care role in the community, for example, an Aboriginal elder or a minister of religion;
    • At least one member who is a lawyer, where possible one who is not engaged to advise the institution for which the HREC is reviewing research; and
    • At least two members with knowledge of and current research experience that is relevant to the applications to be considered at the meetings they attend.
  • Committee Members


    • Mr Colin Breckenridge


    • Sr Lois Woodcock
    • Mr Peter Friedlieb
    • Mrs Fran Brown
      Consumer Member
    • Dr Renuka Chittajallu
      Medical Oncologist
    • Dr Adriaan Venter
      Respiratory Physician
    • Dr Patrick Renshaw
      General Practitioner
    • Dr Jane Hill
      Medical Oncologist
    • Dr Noel Aherne
      Radiation Oncologist
    • Dr David Palmieri
      Medical Oncologist
    • Dr Chloe Khoo
      Medical Oncologist
    • Mr Mark Sykes
      Chief Radiation Therapist 
    • Mrs Laura Graham
      Director of Nursing

    Ex Officio:

    • Mr Damien Williams
      Managing Director - Riverina Cancer Care Centre
    • Mr Tony Noun
      Chairman - Riverina Cancer Care Centre


    • Mrs Jane Eade
      Clinical Trials Coordinator
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2022 Quality Statement

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The provision of excellent care to Riverina Cancer Care Centre (RCCC) patients is achieved by Centre staff and Volunteers’ participation in and observance of the Centre’s Quality system in the performance of their roles. Cooperation, collaboration, communication and mutual respect are critical to provision of excellent care.





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